The Reason Dubai Desert is 10 Degree Cooler than The City

Many people don’t realize that not only is it possible to travel to Dubai during summer but in the late afternoons, it is actually cooler in the desert than the city!
About two hours before the Arabian sunsets, the temperature in the desert begins to cool down quite rapidly. in fact, it can be as much as 7 to 10 degrees cooler than the city and the coast.
Sand is the main reason for the coolness in desert. There is a little moisture in sand which vanishes soon making the weather cool. In the night and mornings you can find desert really cool. Nomadic natives who lives in the deserts set their camps on dunes. They got the most experience how to make a better residency in desert areas. The tents are specifically designed to allow air to circulate within them, keeping them cool. Animal hair is also usually used to insulate the tents which keeps them cooler during the day.

Tourists tend to prefer to visit Dubai during the winter months when the temperature is cooler, but with the right information and planning the summer can be a great time of year to visit.

During your time in Dubai, you can explore the desert in luxury air-conditioned Range Rovers or feel the breeze in your hair in open-air vintage Land Rovers. Visit an authentic Bedouin camp to enjoy a relaxing evening under the Arabian starry night-sky in cool and comfortable traditional majilis nestled in the Dubai desert.
This is an opportunity to soak up the rich culture and catch a glimpse of the authentic side of Dubai. Escape the heat of the city and get out into the desert this summer!

Our Summer Desert Safaris includes a special edition Emirati Cuisine Tasting. In addition to the usual wildlife drives, cultural entertainment, falconry and delicious Arabic feasts, enjoy a rare delicacies tasting in an authentic Bedouin camp. Compare the desert truffle with the European truffle and sample some of the region’s lesser-known delicacies like fresh Arabian oysters from the Gulf Sea prepared traditionally, and a variety of local cheeses.

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